9 Amazon Projects That Will Revolutionize eCommerce Forever

Amazon, a giant eCommerce company that changed the way we shop online since 1996. On top of being an internet sensation, Amazon is striving to offer best shipping solutions either via drone or classic delivery.

6 Things we can learn from Amazon:

After creating this list of 6 things, we came to the conclusion that each step taken by Amazon to grow their business is actually a step towards improving user experience.

This is what we believe essential in their work and that’s what they do with the following projects too:

1. Amazon Go

Amazon Go Stores

Go is an ambitious Amazon project that strives to introduce the public to the most advanced shopping technology available to date.

Go is a cashier-free store that integrates the best AI for Ecommerce to take care of the products you add in your basket. In simple words, you just fill your bag and leave the store without looking back.

The process is quite simple, though! After you pick your products Amazon will take care of adding these in the Amazon.com account and pay using the credit card you associated with your account.

This way Amazon will save you time and stress. There’s just one thing you need to do: before you enter an Amazon Go shop you need to open and scan the smartphone app. After that, just shop and go!

The first Amazon Go store opened earlier this year in Seattle. Amazon’s plan is to open over 2000 Go locations in the next few years.

Why open stores when people buy online? Well, it turns out that people prefer to buy their groceries the old-fashion way because they want to check the freshness of the product and have a touch and feel experience before the purchase.

This is also why we believe Amazon invested in buying Whole Foods in the first place!

See how Amazon Go looks like.

2. Amazon Dash

Amazon Dash Buttons

Amazon introduced Dash in 2014. This is a simple, yet a very effective way to order things online without actually having to go to the computer.

Dash is a simple wand which records the name of the product (or scans the barcode) and then adds that product to your shopping list in Amazon.com.

Dash can also be a button labeled with the name of a certain product so whenever you run out of that product just push the button and Amazon Fresh will deliver it to your door within the next day.

It’s great that you can hang or stick these wireless buttons near the product so you will remember to click it when it’s needed. Why you should buy an Amazon Dash button?

3. Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air

Prime Air is the most popular and stable air cargo solution developed by an Ecommerce business to date. Thanks to Prime Air, Amazon manages to deliver products through airlines like a huge Boeing 767 and even drone transportation for certain products and users who are Prime members.

Here’s how the first Prime fleet flight went.

Amazon invested a lot of time and effort to perfect autonomous flying and Prime proves that it was a great decision.

Prime Air takes advantage of strategically placed centers enabling drones to complete deliveries in under 1 hour in some cases. Yes, you heard it right, you may get your Amazon order the same day.

However, in order to benefit from these delivery options you need to be an Amazon Prime member first.

4. Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon

FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon is an initiative meant to introduce aspiring entrepreneurs to the world of eCommerce. FBA enables you to sell worldwide by providing shipping, technical support and even promoting your inventory through Amazon.com.

How FBA Works

  1. You send a number of products to the Amazon Fulfillment Centers around the world
  2. Amazon will store your products securely & Amazon will display them on their site
  3. These products will become Prime eligible products making delivery faster
  4. When customers buy your product, Amazon will pack and ship them for you
  5. Amazon will then handle customer support and returns

This is absolutely amazing for someone who just started in the eCommerce industry because it gives them flexibility and more time to focus on the product.

FBA allows you to promote on platforms of your choice and even gives you complete stats on how your product performs.

You can manage your inventory online and get product optimization tips from Amazon experts 24/7. Check out more Fulfillment by Amazon benefits.

5. 3D Printing Trucks

3D Printing Trucks by Amazon

In 2015 Amazon filled for patents on the use of 3D printing for manufacturing and selling printed products on their site.

This is an innovative way that helps Amazon save time and generate more revenue than ever.

How does this 3D printing work?

The idea is quite simple. Amazon will equip its trucks with advanced 3D printers capable of receiving data from Amazon centers.

When a client places an order, the truck that’s closer to that area will receive the 3D instructions and start printing.

This is simply amazing. Not only it will save time and money, but it will reduce laboring and material consumption.

On top of that, the customer will benefit from super-fast shipping and an overall amazing experience. Learn more about the 3D printing trucks

6. Kiva Robots

Kiva Robots at Work

Back in 2012 Amazon announced that it acquired Kiva Systems, a company specialized in creating transportation robots.

Amazon invested over $775 million in this acquisition, making it the second-largest one after the acquisition of Zappos ($1.2 billion) in 2009.

What are Kiva Robots?

Kiva Robots are tiny, flat self-driving robots designed to carry packages. These tiny orange robots are available in all Amazon fulfillment centers and are able to lift over 1000 pounds at a time. This is huge considering there are over 30.000 robots working in their warehouses 24/7.

Alongside the tiny robots, Kiva also produces a larger version which is used for carrying pallets as heavy as 3000 pounds.

These robots are autonomous and self-rechargeable. They will do the work as programmed and when their battery runs out, they will go back to the charging docks.

7. Voice Assistants

Echo Show Shopping List

Amazon was the first company that made a serious approach towards implementing voice assistants in American households.

Their project Amazon Echo revolutionized the way people interact with their smart homes, and now, the way they buy things online.

Echo was launched in 2014 alongside Alexa (the AI) who listens to you and helps you complete certain tasks via voice commands.

Now Amazon takes it few steps further and introduces Echo Show. Show is a similar gadget, but now it embeds a 7” display which allows you to perform daily shopping activities much easier.

8. Nationwide Groceries Distribution Centers

Amazon and Whole Foods

Whole Foods represents by far the largest acquisition made by Amazon. In August 2017 Amazon closed the deal with Whole Foods for a stunning $13.7 billion dollar acquisition.

This is a huge investment even for a giant like Amazon, but what does it have in store for the chain of organic groceries?

Why did Amazon invest in Whole Foods?

At first, it may seem like a bizarre move to acquire an organic groceries store when the main activity is electronic commerce. However, Amazon has a well-established plan that may change the way we shop online once again.

In fact, the eCommerce leader plans to transform all the stores into a groceries distribution center. This works in sync with their “Amazon Go” project and has true potential considering that Whole Foods has over 431 store locations spread nationwide.

9. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Product Testing

Once again Amazon makes a bold step towards implementing a new technology into their eCommerce platform. This time is about augmented reality and how a visual stimuli thrives over everything.

Amazon seems to place their money on VR Headset apps and “Mixed Reality”. According to Variety earlier this year Amazon Studios started posting a job offering for developers able to create apps that mix virtual reality with real world.

This is a nice implementation which will enable potential customers “try-out” certain product features before even buying them. Amazon may work with various VR headset creators such as Oculus, Daydream and PlayStation VR.